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For the power users out there, this program allows you to search protein databases for sequences that match any MySQL-recognized regular expression. This will allow you to search for more than two motifs, and the motifs are more flexible. For example, instead of searching for PXXP exactly, you can search for PXXP, PXXXP, and PXPXP simultaneously with the regular expression "P.+P.+P?". Unlike the other two programs in this group ("Search Database for Sequence Pattern", "Search Database for Two Sequence Patterns"), what you type here goes directly into the MySQL query, so you must use the MySQL regular expression syntax (such as using "." rather than "X" to mean "any residue").

LSTP matches only "LSTP".
L[ST]P matches LSP and LTP.
LS.P matches LSXP.
LS.+P matches LSXP, LSXXP, LSXXXP, etc. (1 or more X's).
LS.*P matches LSP, LSXP, LSXXP, LSXXXXXXXP, etc. (0 or more X's).
LS.{2,4}P matches LSXXP, LSXXXP, and LSXXXXP only (2 to 4 X's).
^ML.N matches MLXN only at the N-terminus.
ML.N$ matches MLXN only at the C-terminus.

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Only want human proteins? Or proteins under 50 kDa? You can use the following options to place additional restrictions on the proteins you want. Otherwise, just leave them blank. Alternatively, you can leave the regular expression field empty and search for matches to the criteria below instead.

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