Database Search Using Multiple Motifs

Select the motifs you want to search for. There are currently 65 motifs available. Then select the database to search, optional restrictions, and the desired output list size to continue.

1. Select Scansite Motifs:

Add an Input Motif

2. Select Database to Search:

3. Restrict Search (Optional)

      Organism Class: Class descriptions
      Single species: Examples
      Molecular weight range: to Notes
      Isoelectric point range: to Notes
      Phosphorylated sites: Notes
      Keyword search: Examples
      Sequence contains: Examples

4. Restrict distance between sites (Optional):

  Use a Gap Penalty:


Note: The gap penalty is applied to the inter-site distance.
In each protein, only the best site of each motif is evaluated (faster).
Specify strict bounds on inter-site distance:
  1. The distance between and is residues
  2. The distance between and is residues
  3. The distance between and is residues
Note: In each protein, all sites of each motif are evaluated (slower).

5. Choose the Output List Size:

6. Start the search!

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